Photo on a self-adhesive wall canvas

Our seld-adhesive canvases are wat resistant and washable. It's very easy to stick (and re-stick). It even sticks on different kinds of surfaces (wood, glass, metal, concrete, ...). This canvas is delivered in 1 big package.
With default wallpaper you will find seams after every 60 cm or so. This is NOT the case with this canvas. There are no seams.


✓ Easy to stick
✓ Easy to re-stick (get it from the wall and re-position it)
✓ Pure photo quality 
✓ Also suited for wet areas (f.e. bathroom)
✓ Possible to order with cm accuracy
✓ Solid material (therefore easy to put it all together)
Maximal dimensions are 500 cm x 300 cm

Order your XXL self-adhesive wall canvas

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